Life, Cycle: Innovations for Sustainable Industrial Laundry Products

Heavy-Duty, Lab-Tested Starter Formulations

From super concentrated and enzymatic detergents to a premium fabric softener, our prototypes provide efficient and effective solutions for industrial laundry applications. To support more sustainable cleaning processes, our lab specialists and premier suppliers customized formulas requiring less material and fewer resources to produce the same powerful effects. That includes reducing the amount of water needed inside a product formulation to conserve resources.

Packaging for heavy duty laundry formulationsPackaging for heavy duty laundry formulations

Learn how these product innovations can help tackle the toughest laundering challenges, resulting in improved efficiency for the lowest possible re-wash rates and lower costs for commercial laundry facilities.

Interior of industrial washing machine during the rinse cycleInterior of industrial washing machine during the rinse cycle

Industrial laundry detergents to optimize cleaning performance

Life is a cycle and we intend to help keep it moving forward. Industrial and commercial laundry formulas must meet today’s increased demands for sanitation while also reducing the environmental impact our ingredient choices have on our surroundings.

To support the industrial laundry markets including the hospitality and medical industries, Univar Solutions and our leading supplier partners have developed an innovative line of stain removal formulations designed to optimize cleaning performance using less material and fewer resources.

Learn how our formulas can help tackle the toughest laundry challenges, resulting in better cleaning, improved efficiency and lower costs for commercial facilities.


Commercial laundry market trends and cleaning solutions

Need to understand the latest industrial laundry market drivers and find solutions that address the health, safety and environmental needs of tomorrow?

Market Insights:

  • Formulating for the future. Ingredients that tackle hard-to-remove stains, brighten whites, sanitize fabrics and address other key laundering needs
  • Industrial laundry vs. homecare laundry. Differences between industrial laundry and homecare laundry market drivers
  • Formula innovations. New concentrated formulas to help optimize your laundry performance and reduce the amount of material used


Blue suds from industrial laundry detergentBlue suds from industrial laundry detergent

Increased focus on sustainable laundry care solutions

Simple detergent solutions, greener, cleaner routines and smarter water usage for all. Univar Solutions is committed to progress and proud to be a sustainability leader in the industrial laundry space, helping formulators do more with less.

To promote sustainable commercial laundry solutions in line with our featured suppliers’ environmental initiatives, we have developed prototypes to help you reformulate using eco-friendlier materials such as biodegradable enzymes. These formulas can help reduce the amount of water and energy needed for commercial laundering and industrial cleaning methods.

Our goal is to help customers get better cleaning results, greater efficiency and lower costs in an environmentally responsible manner.

Heavy-duty stain removal with biodegradable cleaners

Eco-friendly enzymes, energy-saving cleaning methods and reducing the use of natural resources. Our industrial-grade laundry formulas are gentler on the planet yet powerful enough to wash away heavy-duty pet odors and protein stains, human soils, grease and other food debris, and harmful bacteria. We’ve sourced high-performing sustainable ingredients from leading industry suppliers who understand the technical challenges of keeping public and commercial spaces  – from nursing home care and medical facilities to hotels and lodging – healthy, clean and safe. Technical and economic drivers influencing the push toward sustainable cleaning solutions include:

Eco friendly

Energy saving

Reducing the use of
natural resources

Technology + Efficiency = Time Savings

More energy saving, more time and more money to grow your business. Laundry care requires a lot of resources and time. And in any business, time is money.

With the introduction of smart laundry technology to run industrial laundry machines more efficiently, the amount of wear and tear on these machines should be reduced, resulting in fewer repairs and downtime. Having all your facility’s machines running at full capacity not only saves time but businesses will also benefit from enhanced cleaning formulas that are specialty solutions designed for efficient processes like cold-water washing.

Discover industrial laundry solutions that are better for you and better for the planet.

Inside of an industrial clothes dryerInside of an industrial clothes dryer