Lubricant flowing over metalworking equipmentLubricant flowing over metalworking equipment

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Molybdenum Disulfide is a chemistry to help you reach superior properties. 

Most commonly used as an extreme pressure additive, Molysulfide® protects against wear, reduces friction, and increases load carrying capacity. 

Metal industrial equipment covered in wear reducing greaseMetal industrial equipment covered in wear reducing grease

Climax Molysulfide®, available now!

Molybdenum Disulfide is a chemistry to help you reach superior properties. 

Most commonly used as an extreme pressure additive, Molysulfide® protects against wear, reduces friction, and increases load carrying capacity. 

GreasesIndustrial, Mining, Transportation, Construction, agriculture, aerospaceBearings, Chassis, Splines, Conveyors 
Pastes Mineral and SyntheticGears, Joints, Metal Forming, Splines 
Industrial LubricantsMotor Oils and Synthetic Fluids Automotive and Industrial gears, reducers, cams
Metalworking FluidsWater SuspensionsThreading/Tapping, Die castings
Metalworking FluidsCompoundsExtrusion, cold forming, wire drawing, deep drawing
Metalworking Fluids Pure or Mixed PowdersStamping and Forming
Bonded Coatings Air or Heat Cured, Organic and InorganicThreads, tools, switches locks, valves, slides

BHT alternative? Now NSF Hx-1 certified SI Group ETHANOXTM 4701

ETHANOX™ 4701 lubricant, grease and base oil antioxidant additive is now certified by the NSF as an HX-1 product.

This antioxidant provides superior performance and is a great alternative to BHT, integrate it into your operations!

Solid phenolic antioxidant with low melting point for cost effective performance in petroleum, synthetic & renewable fuels, industrial lubricants, greases and automotive fluids with comparable or superior oxidation performance to common solid antioxidants used in the fuel and lubricants industries; pipeline and aviation fuel approved.


Low melt temp solid for improved process safety by removing need to handle powders

Tackle corrosion with Clariant's Hostacor

Hostacor IT is a water soluble pre-neutralized, low foaming corrosion inhibitor with excellent ferrous corrosion protection mainly used in cutting and grinding fluids, milling fluids, drilling fluids, and water-based hydraulic fluids (HFA-E, HFA-S).

Hostacor 2125 is a water miscible and oil soluble low foaming strong ferrous corrosion inhibitor, with some non-ferrous corrosion protection as well, mainly used in cutting and grinding fluids. It is a solid product and comes in acid form, offering the formulator full flexibility for neutralization.


  • Excellent corrosion protection of steel
  • Reduces copper and cobalt leaching
  • Low foaming
  • Hard-water stable
  • Boron free

Polyalphaolefins (PAOs)

Polyalphaolefins (PAOs) base oils have emerged as essential in many industries and applications including lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids. Univar Solutions offers low and high viscosity PAOs that are domestically produced.

Our product portfolio available now:

  • DURASYN 162
  • DURASYN 164
  • DURASYN 166
  • DURASYN 168
  • DURASYN 170
  • DURASYN 174I
  • DURASYN 180I
  • DURASYN 180R
  • DURASYN 180R
  • RB PAO 2 CST
  • RB PAO 4 CST
  • RB PAO 6 CST
  • RB PAO 8 CST

PAOs are low odor, light color base stocks that are suitable for a broad range of applications. They are superior to other lubricants due to higher thermal and oxidative resistance, coupled with low pour points. This makes them the perfect solution for applications at extreme temperatures, including high operating temperatures and low start-up temperatures.

Foam suppressants

Foam can be a huge hindrance for a range of industries, including the Lubricants and Metal Working Fluids sector. In partnership, Univar Solutions and Dow are proud to offer an extensive range of foam control solutions - XIAMETER™ and DOWSIL™.

This range includes emulsions, compounds, and ready-to-use silicones suitable for waterborne systems and neat oils alike – EV fluids, engine or transmission oils; neat or water miscible cutting fluids; metal cleaning solutions; and many other applications. XIAMETER™ and DOWSIL™ emulsions and compounds are comparable to competitive products in the market.

Our product portfolio:

Key Benefits

  • Effective in low concentrations
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long lasting foam inhibition
  • Foam prevention across a range of industries and chemical processes
  • Effective in hot or cold processes

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