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Univar Solutions makes it easier to conduct necessary laboratory tests for the mining and metallurgy sector. Our dedicated in-house facility in British Columbia, Canada, allows our experts to perform many tests and develop specialty chemistries. Streamline the testing process by looking to our knowledge laboratory experts to coordinate and complete the testing that you need.

Testing capabilities

Mineral flotation: Evaluate and optimize flotation performance through the application of specialty and commodity flotation reagents. Investigative parameters include:

  • Grade
  • Recovery
  • Mass yield
  • Kinetics
  • Froth characteristics
  • Optimum reagent suite and selection
  • Optimum grind
  • Optimum flotation time

Dedust agent performance: Quantitatively evaluate the performance of dedust agents in the Univar Solutions dedust tower.

SedimentationEvaluate dewatering systems and find optimal flocculant and coagulant products for optimal performance.

  • Flocculent and coagulant selection and dosing
  • Underflow density
  • Overflow clarity
  • Thickener/clarifier sizing

Our equipment

Jaw crusher: Crushes 4-inch rocks down to 0.25 inches at a rate of 50 pounds/hour

Cone crusher: Crushes the under-size material from the jaw crusher to 80% passing minus 10 mesh size

Gilson TS-1: Handles and screens larger sample batches

Grinding mill: Comminution of ore samples to a specific test grind that is amenable to flotation

D-12 Laboratory flotation machine: Floatation of ground ore

Pressure and vacuum filter: Dewatering of tailings and concentrates recovered from the batch flotation process

RotapParticle size distribution analysis using various Tyler mesh screens

PulverizerFiner grinding of concentrates and tailings for maximum liberation prior to assaying

Univar Solutions dedust test tower: Quantitative evaluation of dedust agent performance

Sedimentation evaluation equipment: Thickener and clarifier testing

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