Vitamin Angels and Univar Solutions Nutraceuticals

Creating a healthier world, together

Changing lives with nutrition

At Univar Solutions, our purpose is to help keep communities healthy, fed, clean, and safe. We are proud our Nutraceuticals business partners with Vitamin Angels and their mission to improve nutrition worldwide by reaching at-risk pregnant women, and young children with life-changing vitamins and minerals.

We have been providing nutraceutical ingredients globally for more than 50 years, and we deeply understand the power of nutrition in helping communities thrive. Vitamin Angels reach 70 million mothers and children in 65 countries, providing life-saving and life-changing vitamins and minerals. The partnership between Univar Solutions Nutraceuticals and Vitamin Angels will help close gaps in nutrition services both at home and abroad.

Sharing the power of vitamins

Due to a variety of factors, millions of women and children are without essential health and nutrition services. Gaps in service coverage remain largest in low resource settings globally and disproportionately affect communities experiencing marginalization.

The lack of access to essential health services leads to unnecessary suffering, avoidable illness, and even premature death, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Vitamin Angels aims to fill that gap by focusing on where they can make the greatest impact on malnutrition.

Making an impact around the world

Our Impact

Mumbai, India (Sonia and Raj's Story)

Cuetzalan, Mexico (360 immersive video)

Florida, USA (Michaela's Story)

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Everyone deserves a chance at a healthy life

Our support of Vitamin Angels helps reach at-risk populations with life-changing vitamins and minerals so that every child can have a healthy start.

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Vitamins and minerals are essential for everyone

Vitamin Angels work to ensure access to evidence-based, cost-effective nutrition interventions that target the first 1,000 days of life (from conception to 24 months of age) and children up to 5 years of age, in an effort to break the intergenerational cycle of undernutrition and bring about nutrition equity. Vitamin Angels work in 65 countries worldwide, including all 50 U.S. states and Canada, reaching 60 million mothers and children. Together, we can do even more.

man holds up his childman holds up his child
man holds up vitaminsman holds up vitamins

Nutrition interventions

Through our support, Univar Solutions is helping Vitamin Angels deliver 100,000 critical nutrition interventions into the lives of at-risk pregnant women and young children.

Prenatal vitamins and minerals - Micronutrient supplements like prenatal vitamins and minerals (also known as multiple micronutrient supplements or MMS) support safe and healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A can help prevent childhood blindness and support immune systems so that children may fight off preventable and life-threatening illnesses.

Deworming - In areas where sanitation is poor, intestinal worms are prevalent and can prevent children from absorbing essential nutrients. Deworming quickly and effectively rids children of worms.

Together, we are meeting the moment with nutraceuticals

In partnership with Vitamin Angels, Univar Solutions is helping to provide access to the nutrition communities need to thrive. Univar Solutions works closely with customers and suppliers as global stewards of health, wellness, safety, and sustainability. Our Nutraceuticals team is meeting the moment and supporting Vitamin Angels in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #3: "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

From advancing equity to supporting nutrition and creating positive outcomes, our support of Vitamin Angels will help improve global health and well-being by building a better future for underserved mothers and children every day.

woman with her happy, waving daughterwoman with her happy, waving daughter