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From her first job as a laboratory intern to her current position leading 70 scientists and technical experts, Julia has spent 20 years developing customer solutions that help businesses identify new opportunities for growth based on current trends and future market developments. She applies best practices and expert knowledge in chemistry, chemical specialties, and industrial processes to develop formulations and applications that meet consumer and customer needs, with an emphasis on sustainable solutions that help society and the planet.   

She helped break barriers by becoming one of the few women in her family to pursue an academic and professional career. She credits a high school chemistry teacher who gave her the opportunity to work in a polymers lab as an early inspiration for pursuing her interest in chemical engineering and her natural curiosity about how things are made and understanding where textures, flavors, colors, and smells come from.

Throughout her career, she has been recognized as a change agent and champion of innovation. Prior to joining Univar Solutions, she helped lead product development breakthroughs in the Latin American beverage industry, resulting in drastic reductions in plastic consumption and waste.

Julia holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial administration.

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