Polyurethane finishing being applied to wood floors with text overlay "Infinaite Innovations"Polyurethane finishing being applied to wood floors with text overlay "Infinaite Innovations"

Univar Solutions and our supplier partners proudly welcome you to Infinite Innovations – an exploration of polyurethane versatility and navigating increasing demands within the PU space.

Although polyurethane manufacturing dates back over a century, its common usage, versatility, and ongoing innovations impact numerous industries worldwide. At the heart of that innovation is a collective focus on improving sustainability standards in polyurethane production.

Access content specific to your geographical region below. You'll find a series of informative webinars and digital kit formulations highlighting our diverse range of global offerings. Additionally, you'll hear from polyurethane experts - locally and around the globe - to learn how Univar Solutions and our supplier partners can help you infinitely innovate!

Polyurethane sealant on concretePolyurethane sealant on concrete

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