Dimethylisopropanolamine is a clear, colorless to yellow liquid at room temperature with amine-like odor and is miscible in water. 

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Due to have a tertiary amine and alcohol functionality it finds benefit in a wide range of applications including pH modification, co-reactant, dispersing agent and wetting aide.

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    Dimethylisopropanolamine, Technical Grade, Liquid, 375 lb Drum BASF Technical Drum 374.79 lbs --
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    Dimethylisopropanolamine, Technical Grade, Liquid, 375 lb Drum

    Applications & Benefits

    • Coatings
    • Metal Working Fluids
    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Cleaners and Polishes
    • Neutralizing additive
    • Pigment dispersant
    • Wetting aide
    • Neutralizer
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • API building block
    • Emulsifier
    • Dispersing Agent
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    • Application 2
    • Application 3
    • Application 4
    • Applicatiob 5


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    Product Dimethylisopropanolamine

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