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BioEstolide™ 1300

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BioEstolide™ is a revolutionary new bio-based emollient that offers enhanced stability, exceptional moisturization characteristics and a light, satiny feel. BioEstolides™ bridge the gap between sustainability and performance providing the personal care market with a safe non-toxic product that is made from natural oils, gentle on the skin, biodegradable and yet still offers enhanced oxidative and thermal stability. That allows BioEstolides™ to significantly outlast other products without the need for preservatives.

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    BIOESTOLIDE™ 1300 Biosynthetic Technologies Technical Pail 40.00 lbs $14.17 / LB $566.81 $566.81
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    $566.81 / PL
    ($14.17 / LB)
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    BIOESTOLIDE 1300, Technical Grade, Liquid, IBC Biosynthetic Technologies Technical IBC 2,094.39 lbs --
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    BIOESTOLIDE 1300, Technical Grade, Liquid, IBC

    Applications, Benefits & Characteristics

    • Emollient - hydrate, soften and smooth the skin surface without leaving an oily residue on the skin
    • Solvent - dissolve ingredients so that they can mix together and function properly and achieve the proper consistency of finished products.
    • Thickening Agent - functions as a thickening agent in personal care formulations to enhance the consistency, viscosity and volume of personal care products.
    • Sensory Enhancer - has the advantage of not leaving a greasy residue on the skin and provides a luxurious sensory experience.
    • Stable - provide excellent oxidative and hydrolytic stability properties and provide a considerably longer shelf life than other natural or naturally derived oils.
    • Non-toxic - are considered non-toxic and non-comedogenic.
    • Outstanding moisturization benefits
    • Unique lubricious feel
    • Improves skin barrier function
    • Delivers superior hydrating properties
    • Dry feel and fast absorption
    • Non-GMO & animal cruelty-free
    • Reduces coefficient of friction on hair
    • It Imparts a satiny, smooth sensory feel
    • Provides sheen and moisture retention
    • Multi-functional
    • Eco-friendly, natural, sustainable
    • Non-oily, non-tacky, elegant skin feel
    • Moisturizing, softening and conditioning effects
    • Low odor and color
    • Superior oxidative stability
    • Improved structural integrity in stick formulations
    • Allows for higher pigment loading, enhancing color intensity

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    Product BioEstolide™ 1300

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