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Polymer improves long term stability of cleaning formulations

ACUSOL™ PRO is an anionically charged, water soluble polymer that enables the formulator to develop streak-free, hard surface cleaners that provide for superior grease removal, and make next-time cleaning easier, without contributing to build-up. ACUSOL PRO can easily be incorporated into the formula and is particularly suitable for neutral and alkaline cleaners such as all-purpose, kitchen, and floor cleaner/degreasers when incorporated at typical levels of 0.5–1.0% active. It may also be used as a hydrotrope, as it can stabilize mixes of otherwise incompatible surfactants, solvents, or other adjuvants, allowing the preparation of more concentrated formulations with greater formulation flexibility. It is stable in trigger spray formulations containing hypochlorite bleach or quaternary disinfectant.


  • Transparent to slightly hazy, yellowish liquid


  • Superior grease removal
  • Easy next-time cleaning
  • Doesn’t leave streak or a film
  • Leaves no residue
  • Heat, age, freeze-thaw and quat stability
  • Easy to dose and incorporate into formulas
  • Compatible with both neutral and alkaline cleaners
  • Maintains formulation clarity
  • Can be formulated with bleach


  • Drums


  • Hard surface cleaners


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