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Dow Versene



Effective, Economical Metal Ion Control

Uncontrolled metal ions in your product or process can eat away profits by causing scaling, chemical degradation, discoloration, precipitation, emulsion instability, rancidity, and a host of other problems. The presence of metal ions can cause a number of unique challenges that formulators must overcome, such as:

  • Cleaning and laundry products rendered ineffective
  • Reduce bleaching efficiency and cause brightness reversion in pulp and paper processing
  • Scaling and sludge in water system
  • Shortened shelf-life and reduced performance in beauty and personal care products
  • Food and beverage products are vulnerable to spoilage

Dow chelating agents provide an effective, economical solution to renders in active trace amounts of metal ions such as iron, copper and zinc. These products produce stable complexes with metal ions and generally provide the most effective control for related challenges. Some additional benefits of Dow Versene product line includes:

  • Effective at low concentrations, driving down material and operational costs
  • Predictable and proven performance
  • High thermal stability
  • Chemical and pH stability
  • Resistance to bacterial or mold breakdown

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Industry and Application Use


Food & BeverageCanned seafood, dressings, sauces, spreads, canned beans, beverages, potato products, pickled vegetablesDiscoloration, rancidity, off-odors/off-flavors, precipitation, loss of clarity, texture, deterioration, crystal formation, shortened shelf-lifeProtects natural flavor, color, texture and nutritive value of food products; improves shelf-life and consumer appeal; frequently more economical than citrates and phosphates
Cleaning ProductsHeavy-duty detergent, ard surface cleanersPoor performance in hard water, poor foaming, poor rinsability, haze formation, poor shelf-life, discoloration, rancidity, high phosphate levels, germicide poor performance, hard water strains, bathtub ring, dishwasher spotsBetter foaming, detergency, and rinsing in hard water; helps remove metal oxides and slats from fabric; enhances shelf-life; improved consumer appeal; improved germicidal actions; USDA approved for many indirect food uses
Beauty & Personal Care ProductsCreams, lotions, oils, bar and liquid soaps, shampoos, hair preparationsPoor performance in hard water; poor rinsability; haze or precipitation; oxidation, rancidity, or off-odors; viscosity shifts; poor shelf-life; texture and appearance degradationBetter lathering in shampoos and soaps; improved shelf-life and consumer appeal; prevents softening, brown spotting, and cracking in bar soaps; improves stability of fragrances, fats, oils, and other water soluble ingredients
PharmaceuticalsDrug stabilization, antimicrobial booster, antioxidant PreservativePoor drug performance in presence of hard waterEDTA is approved by the FDA for use in heavy metal poisoning treatment; deactivates metal ions that interfere with drug performance VERSENE food- and pharmaceutical-grade EDTA products comply with USP/NF/FCC requirements
Pulp & PaperMechanical pulp, bleaching, chemical pulping, reduction of brightness reversion, chemithermomechanical pulpingPoor performance of hydrogen peroxide or hydrosulfite bleaches; problems meeting brightness needs; excessive bleach usage; process scaling; brightness reversion in finished paperEnhanced effectiveness of sodium sulfite; enhanced effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide and hydrosulfite bleach; higher brightness and/or lower bleaching costs; less need to overbleach to ensure specified brightness level; controls scaling and reduces costly downtime; water-soluble; Dow offers a unique system-approach to silicate-free peroxide bleaching; Dow chelating agents are approved for many indirect food uses
Water TreatmentBoilers, heat exchangers, evaporators, filter cloths, glass-lined kettlesScale deposits; frequent shut-downs for cleaning; reduced heat transfer efficiencyDissolves common types of scale during normal operation; effective in off-line and on-line scale removal; improves process efficiency and reduces downtime; works over a wide range of temperatures, pH levels, and pressures
MetalworkingSurface preparation, metal cleaning, metal finishing and platingDrag-in and contamination of succeeding plating baths; poor rinse solution performance at elevated temperatures; oxidation of cleaned iron or steel during storage; streaking after pickling; rough deposits, reduced efficiency, dulling, and unsuitable metal deposition during platingImproved product performance in hard water; improved rinsability; more consistent performance Improved high-temperature performance
TextilesPreparation, desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeingPoor performance of hydrogen peroxide bleach; fabric contaminated with deleterious materials; dye shade changeDeactivates metal ions that interfere with hydrogen peroxide performance; less need to overbleach to ensure specified brightness level; water soluble; dye shade stability
Oil & Gas- Oilfield Drilling, production, recoveryFormation plugging due to iron precipitation during acidizing and fracturing processes; scaling on well casings from brines normally coproduced with oil; scale buildup, precipitation, and plugging in enhanced oil recovery operationsPrevents plugging, sealing, precipitation by deactivating metal ions; effective over wide temperature and pH range
Scale Removal & PreventionBoilers, evaporators, heat exchangers, filter cloths, glass-lined kettlesScale deposits, reduced heat transfer efficiency, reduced flow ratesRemoves existing scale deposits; works in combination with other materials to prevent scale formation






Product Characteristics and Properties


ProductCompositionChelation Value%AssayMolecular WeightSpecific Gravity (@25/25° C)Bulk DensitypH (1 WT% Aqueous Solution)Application
VERSENE 100Tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate102 (mg as CaCO3 per g)39 wt% as Na4EDTA380.21.310.6 lb/U.S. gal 1270 kg/m311-12Cleaning, Pulp and Paper, Scale Removal, Energy, Metalworking, Polymerization & Textile
VERSENE 100XLTetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate102 (mg as CaCO33 per g)38 wt% as Na4EDTA380.21.2710.5 lb/U.S. gal 1280 kg/m311-12Personal Care, Cleaning, Metalworking
VERSENE 220 CrystalsTetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetrahydrate219 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4EDTA·4H2O; 83.2 wt% as Na4EDTA; 64.0 wt% as H4EDTA452.2-45 lb/cu ft 720 kg/m310.5-11.5Personal Care, Cleaning, Agriculture, Metalworking & Polymerization
VERSENE Na2 CrystalsDisodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate tetrahydrate267 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4H2EDTA·2H2O; 89.4 wt% as Na2H2EDTA; 77.7 wt% as H4EDTA372.2-61 lb/cu ft 977 kg/m34.3- 4.7; 4.0-6.0 (5 wt% solution)Personal Care & Cleaning Products
VERSENE Diammonium EDTADiammonium ethylenediaminetetraacetate137 (mg as CaCO3 per g)40 wt% as (NH4) 2EDTA328.21.210 lb/U.S. gal 1200 kg/m34.8-5.3Cleaning, Metalworking, Polymerization & Scale Removal and Prevention
VERSENE AcidEthylenediaminetetraacetic acid339 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99 wt% as H4EDTA292.24-54 lb/cu ft 870 kg/m32.5 - 3.0 (saturated solution)Personal Care, Agriculture & Micronutrients, Cleaning & Metalworking Fluids
VERSENEX 80 Pentasodium Diethylenetriaminepentaacetate80 (mg as CaCO3 per g)40.2% as Na5DTPA503.11.310.9 lb/ US gal 1310 kg/m311.0 - 11.8 (1% wt solution)Cleaning, Indirect Food Contact, Water Treatment, Textiles, Oilfield, Gypsum Board, Polymerization, Gypsum, Scale Remooval and Prevention
VERSENE NADisodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate ditrahydrate267 (mg as CaCO3 per g)99.0 wt% as Na4H2EDTA·2H2O; 89.4 wt% as Na2H2EDTA; 77.7 wt% as H4EDTA372.2461 lb/cu ft 980 kg/m34.3 - 4.7 (1 wt% solution) 4.0 - 6.0 (5 wt% solution)Pharma
VERSENE CACalcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate dihydrateAlready a calcium chelate of EDTA97.0 – 102.0 wt% as CaNa2EDTA·2H2O; 91.2 wt% as CaNa2EDTA410.26-40 lb/cu ft 640 kg/m36.5-7.5Food, Pharma (Nutraceutical)
VERSENOL 120Trisodium N-(hydroxyethyl)-ethylenediaminetriacetate120 (mg as CaCO3 per g)41 wt% as Na3HEDTA344.21.2810.7 lb/ US gal 1290 kg/m311.0 - 11.8 (1% wt solution)Cleaning, Oilfield, Iron Removal Systems, Water Treatment, Polymerization, Scale Removal and Prevention