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DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder

The multifunctional cosmetic powder


Expect intense color cosmetics and luxurious skin care products that mask wrinkles and give skin a silky, powdery feel using Dow brand elastomer powders.

The options are plentiful with DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder. This elastomer powder with silica treated coating can be used in a variety of formulations without extreme processes or equipment.




  • INCI Name: Dimethicone / Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer (and) Silica
  • White powder
  • Bulk Density : 0.3 to 0.4
  • Dry Powdery Feel
  • Particule Size, Average : 1 to 10 um (Microns)
  • D4, D5, D6 < 0.1%



  • Skin
  • Color cosmetics

DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder Formulation Benefit

  • Helps mask wrinkles
  • Smooth, silky, powdery feel
  • Easy to use
  • Free-flowing


  • No agglomeration
  • Sebum absorption
  • Listed in the Catalogue of Cosmetics Ingredients used in China


DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder Skin Care Formulation Benefits

  • Fragrance Retention
  • Imperfection Masking
  • Enhanced Anti-Wrinkle
  • Matte Appearance
  • Reduce Greasiness


  • Sebum / Oil Absorption
  • Sensory Enhancer
  • Sensory Enhancer (powdery feel)
  • Soft Focus
  • Texture Enhancer


DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder Color Cosmetic Formulation Benefits

  • Color Intensity/ Uniformity


  • Texture Builder


DOWSIL™ 9701 Cosmetic Powder Hair Care Formulation Benefits

  • Sebum/ Oil Absorption


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