SoftCAT™ Polymer SK-MH

A crystal clear difference

SoftCAT™ SK-MH by Dow enhances deposition of fragrance, oils and other beneficial agents from a variety of skin cleansing formulations. SoftCAT™ SK-MH enables clear formulations and aids in foaming.

SoftCAT™ Polymers are based on a cellulosic backbone derived from natural renewable wood and/or cotton sources. SoftCAT™ conditioning polymers make it possible to deposit active ingredients that rinse off easily and evenly. The range of SoftCAT™ conditioning polymers can help customers meet all performance and cost targets, from light to intense conditioning, and low-budget to extravagant personal care options.

A premium performance cationic conditioning polymer excellent at deposition of fragrance, moisturizing agents on the skin from rinse-off formulations.


  • Provides moisturization and foam enhancement
  • Superior sensory experience
  • Can be used to develop crystal clear formulations
  • Enhances delivery of active ingredients
  • Aids in deposition of emollients in moisturizing rinse-off formulations
  • Greater emollient deposition efficiency than traditional cationic polymers


  • INCI Name: Polyquaternium-67
  • Powder
  • Usage levels: 0.25% – 0.5%
  • % Nitrogen : 1.1-1.3%
  • Charge density: Medium
  • Viscosity (1%, aqueous solution): 2500cP


  • Body wash
  • Skin cleansers

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Product SoftCAT™ Polymer SK-MH

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