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Surfactant for optimal defoaming and wetting performance.

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TERGITOL ™ P Series Surfactants are particularly effective where defoaming and wetting properties are required. This nonionic surfactant offers features performance across a wide variety of industrial and institutional applications.

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    TERGITOL P-105, Technical Grade, Solid, Drum -- Technical Drum 447.01 lbs --
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    TERGITOL P-105, Technical Grade, Solid, Drum

    Applications & Benefits


    TERGITOL™ P-104

    • Cleaning
    • Paint and coatings
    • Fermentation
    • Pulp and paper
    • Other industrial applications

    TERGITOL™ P-105

    • Agrochemicals
    • Paints and coatings dispersions
    • Iodophors
    • Emulsion polymerization
    • Fiber lubricants

    TERGITOL™ P-104

    • Flexible properties for defoaming, wetting and emulsifying
    • A range of solubility levels which provide excellent solvency
    • Low foam characteristics
    • Environmentally friendly biodegradable surfactants
    • Meets the European Surfactants Detergent Regulation requirements
    • Provides excellent foam control

    TERGITOL™ P-105

    • Excellent steric and freeze/thaw stabilizer
    • Effective pigment and carbon black dispersant
    • Excellent for aromatic, chlorinated and other difficult-to-emulsify compounds
    • Good solubility in the presence of salts or electrolytes
    • Provides lubricity
    • Application 1
    • Application 2
    • Application 3
    • Application 4
    • Applicatiob 5

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