Mineral UV filter for broad sun protection

PARSOL® ZX is an inorganic UV filter with a broad UVA‐UVB absorption curve that also goes into the blue light spectrum. With its balanced blend of nano and non-nano particles, PARSOL® ZX offers great SPF, UVA and blue light protection, and good transparency against tested benchmarks. It maintains low viscosity when tested in different emollients, affording for high use levels without compromising on dispersibility. Inorganic UV filters like our PARSOL® ZX and PARSOL® TX are the essential ingredients for today’s consumer desire for natural sunscreens.


  • Higher SPF versus non-nano ZnO formulations
  • Higher UVA protection than other ZnO grades
  • Higher blue light protection over nano only ZnO formulas
  • Significantly improved transparency at parity SPF versus non nano ZnO
  • Easier to formulate with when compared to other blended ZnO products, thanks to Parsol® ZX high dispersibility
  • Natural


  • INCI Name: Zinc Oxide, Triethoxycaprilylsilane
  • Appearance : white powder


  • Suncare
  • Color cosmetics
  • Skin, hand, foot and face creams and lotions

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Product PARSOL® ZX

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