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ClariSilk™ can be used in clear, opaque or pearlescent shampoos, as well as hair conditioners and treatments.

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    Woman washing her hair with a soapy productWoman washing her hair with a soapy product

    ClariSilk™ by INOLEX is a novel quat-free polymeric conditioning additive for hair care. It reduces static charge and improves combing and detangling effects. It improves sensorial experience during application and adds softness and shine to dry hair. When combined with emollients in a shampoo formulation, it enables the formulation of high-performance silicone-free conditioning shampoos.

    ClariSilk™ is an effective additive in sulfate-free shampoos providing substantial foaming, easy rinse-off and no build-up.

    Advancion's high-purity ULTRA PC™-grade amino alcohols are designed to deliver robust multifunctional performance and broad formulating latitude across a wide range of beauty and personal care applications. With efficient neutralization and buffering properties, as well as superior compatibility with a broad spectrum of other well-known formulating ingredients, ULTRA PC-grade amino alcohols aid in the formulation of beauty and personal care products with improved performance, enhanced stability, and exceptional aesthetic properties.


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    • INCI: Polyester-37
    • Appearance: Viscous Yellow to Amber Liquid
    • Use Level: 0.2 to 2.0%


    • hair care


    • Glossy And Silky Appearance On Hair
    • Lubricious Feel
    • Healthy Hair

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    Product Name INCI Form Package Type Weight Billing Price Price (Package)
    ClariSilk™ Polyester-37 Liquid Drum 420.00 lbs --
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    ClariSilk™ Polyester-37 Liquid Pail 35.00 lbs --
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