Kerazyne™ MB

Kerazyne™ MB by INOLEX is a novel quat-free polymeric conditioning additive for hair care. It is a polyesteramine with the emolliency and gloss characteristic of an ester, and the cationic activity of an amine. It is highly hydrophobic and lubricious. Kerazyne™ MB provides more intensive conditioning than standard conditioning additives such as polyquaternium polymers and amodimethicone. It reduces static charge, improves feel and improves combability.

Kerazyne™ MB Formulation Benefits
  • Glossy and silky appearance on hair
  • Hydrophobic
  • Lubricious Feel

INCI: Polyester-11

Appearance: Viscous Yellow Liquid

Odor: Mild

Clarity: Slightly Hazy

  • Hair Care

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Product Kerazyne™ MB

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