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Xantham Gum FNCS-PC

Xanthan Gum FNCS-PC

Xanthan gum is an anionic, high molecular weight polysaccharide, which is used as a stabilizer and viscosity modifier in aqueous based systems. Xanthan gum solutions are pseudoplastic, i.e. they show shear thinning flow behavior. This pseudoplasticity imparts a smooth texture to the final product and provides a pleasant application. Xanthan gum is soluble in cold and hot water and shows a high degree of viscosity even in low concentrations. Even at low concentrations xanthan gum solutions show a high degree of viscosity which is not affected by temperature and pH variations.

Xanthan gum is a natural product which is non-toxic and non-irritating. It can be used in combination with other thickeners and stabilizers to improve texture, flow behavior, stability and appearance. All these properties make xanthan gum a very effective thickening and stabilizing agent for hand sanitizers.

Jungbunzlauer xanthan gum CS-PC is a clear solution grade that is ideal for transparent or very clear products. It can be used for a wide range of personal care applications, where it provides various advantageous properties. Xanthan gum exhibits superior shear-thinning behavior compared to any other commercial hydrocolloid. Major advantages of xanthan gum is that it improves texture, gives a pleasant skin feel to the product, while stabilizing suspensions, emulsions and foams. It is compatible and stable in solutions with a high salt concentration, yet is also stable in acid or alkaline solutions and is resistant to enzymatic degradation. In addition Jungbunzlauer xanthan gum CS-PC is free of enzymatic activities such as amylases and cellulases, making it compatible in combinations with starch and celluloses.

Jungbunzlauer offers xanthan gum CS-PC in two particle sizes: Xanthan Gum FNCS-PC (normal, 80 mesh) and Xanthan Gum FFCS-PC (fine, 200 mesh)

 For transparent personal care applications that require reduced shear-thinning properties Jungbunzlauer recommends using our type with reduced pseudoplasticity FNCSP-PC or FFCSP-PC.

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  • Yellowish-Clear, free-flowing powder
  • Has a neutral odor & taste
  • Soluble in water giving highly viscous solution
  • Particularly insoluble in organic solvents



  • Boxes


  • Cleaning
  • Personal care
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a clear (transparent) solution
  • Highly pseudoplastic rheological properties (i.e. is shear thinning)
  • Imparts high solution viscosity even at low concentrations
  • Exhibits low viscosity during processing but fully recovers viscosity after shearing
  • Hydrates entirely in aqueous media
  • Non-thixotropic flow behavior
  • Excellent suspending and stabilizing properties for suspensions, emulsions and foams.
  • Soluble in both cold and hot water
  • Synergistic interaction with galactomannans, such as guar, locust bean and tara gum


  • Compatible with practically all commercially available thickeners and stabilizers
  • Stable over a wide range of pH and temperatures
  • Compatible with and stable in systems containing high concentrations of humectants, surfactants and salt
  • Resistant to enzymatic degradation
  • Compatible with up to 50% aqueous solutions of organic solvents

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