BARECO™ polymer

NuCera Solutions' proprietary technology provides high performing, custom tailored solutions to the adhesive industry with a broad technology portfolio of wax additives to meet your challenging performance requirements.

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Look to NuCera Polyethylene waxes to deliver just what your next adhesive project requires:

  • A diluent and additive to control open/close set time and viscosity modification
  • Modify Open and Set Time
  • Reduce high temperature bond failure
  • A direct offset to FT waxes in Hot Melt Adhesives (HMAs): Both EVA and metallocene based
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    Product highlight: BARECO™ C-4040 polymer

    This hard synthetic wax comprised of linear, fully saturated ethylene homopolymers delivers just what adhesives need most.

    Features & Benefits:

      • High Hardness
      • High Crystallinity
      • Low Melt Viscosity
    ProductMelting point (℃)
    Viscosity (SUS)
    ASTM D-3236
    Penetration @25 ℃ (dmm)
    BARECO C-4040 polymer10454 @ 149 ℃1.5


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    Product BARECO™ polymer

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