PERFORMA V® 343 Polymer

PERFORMA V® 343 Polymer is a hyper-branched polyalphaolefin the features a branch-on-branch polymer configuration, which makes it an excellent film-former. It can be used in applications from lipsticks to lotions. In anhydrous systems, it provides gloss even in very matte bases. In stick formulas, this product binds oils, which results in sticks that are hard, stable, yet have a creamy payout. It has a melting point of 41° C.


  • film forming
  • emollient
  • gloss
  • durability
  • water resistance
  • improved hardness
  • oil binding
  • pigment grinding aid


  • INCI Name: Synthetic Wax
  • Apperance : white solid


  • Serums
  • Hair conditioners
  • Clear anti-perspirants
  • Color Cosmetics
  • Balms
  • Depilatories
  • Wet Wipes

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Product PERFORMA V® 343 Polymer

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