The combination of controlled branching and low MW distribution and low melt point distribution inherent to the POLYWAX™ copolymers provides many attractive benefits for formulators.

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    NuCera waxes are the key to coatings that go on smooth and last longer. You can count on the high purity and on-purpose production quality to enable the following in industrial, waterproofing, inks & can coatings:

    • Linearity & high crystallinity for improved slip, high chemical resistance, and excellent heat stability.
    • Higher Rub resistance for better appearance and easy cleanability in ink systems.
    • Improved scratch resistance & reduced mar, along with a matting effect
    • Products which are FDA indirect food contact approved
    • More control for formulators due to well defined melt points

    Product highlight: POLYWAXTM 655 & POLYWAX 655 T10

    NuCera’s technology is unique in that it produces a narrow molecular weight polyethylene wax with NO branching.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Completely Linear
    • Extremely Hard & Crystalline
    • Narrow Melt Range
    • Low Melt Viscosity
    ProductMelting point (℃)
    ASTM D-127
    Visocity (cP)
    ASTM D-3236
    Penetration @ 25C (dmm)
    POLYWAX EP-700 COPOLYMER9612 @ 99 ℃6.0
    POLYWAX EP-1100 COPLOYMER11015 @ 149 ℃3.5


    NuCera polyethylene waxes and copolymers are a key component in plastic masterbatch, processing, mold release, and PP/PE/PS/EVA polymers. Applications and benefits include, but are not limited to:

    • A lubricant and processing aide
    • Improved metal release due to crystallinity
    • Excellent heat resistance
    • Reduced viscosity during processing
    • Pigment dispersion

    Product highlight: POLYWAXTM EP COPOLYMERS

    NuCera’s copolymers are narrow molecular weight ethylene polymers with propylene branches => Controlled branching!

    Features & Benefits (compared with POLYWAXTM waxes):

    • Softer
    • More flexible
    • Increases hydrocarbon solubility
    • Lower melt point
    • Increases melt viscosity
    ProductMelting point (℃)
    ASTM D-127
    Visocity (cP)
    ASTM D-3236
    Penetration @ 25C (dmm)
    POLYWAX 400 polyethylene817 @ 99 ℃10
    POLYWAX 500 polyethylene888.5 @ 99 ℃5.5
    POLYWAX 655 polyethylene*997 @ 149 ℃2.0
    POLYWAX 850 polyethylene10710 @ 149 ℃1.0
    POLYWAX 1000 polyethylene*11315 @ 149 ℃1.0
    POLYWAX 2000 polyethylene*12655 @ 149 ℃0.5
    POLYWAX 3000 polyethylene*129130 @ 149 ℃0.5


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