RHODAPON© OLS is recommended for applications such as: fire extinguishing foam agent, mercerizing agent for textiles, surfactant in electrolyte baths for metal cleaning and wetting agent for hard surface cleaning. In the mercerizing of grey cotton goods, RHODAPON© OLS wets efficiently and remains stable in the 20-25% caustic solutions generally used for this purpose. At levels of 1% surfactant, RHODAPON© OLS demonstrates wetting times of 6.9 seconds in 20% NaOH and 8.3 seconds in 25% NaOH. These figures represent the sinking time for a standard bundle of cotton in a caustic solution of mercerizing strength. Used as a rinse aid, RHODAPON© OLS helps dishes and glassware to drain completely, reducing spots and streaks. The low foaming characteristics of RHODAPON© OLS permit its use in automatic dishwashers or other mechanical cleaning devices where rapid agitation occurs.


  • Hydrotrope
  • Low to moderate foam
  • Peroxide stable
  • Caustic and Chlorine stable- Up to 25% Caustic Soda
  • Used in latex manufacture to aid in control of latex particle size.
  • CleanGredient certified
  • Clear Liquid


Alkaline Cleaner
All Purpose Cleaners
Caustic Coupling Surfactant
Manual Dishwash
Emulsion Polymerization
Fire Fighting Foam

Glass Cleaners
Green Products
Hard Surface Cleaners
Latex Manufacturing

Machine Dishwash
Metal Cleaners
Paint & Coatings
Peroxide Based Cleaners
Rinse Aid

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