Mannogem® Mannitol

More flexibility for formulators with lower total production costs!

Mannitol is a popular excipient used by drug manufacturers due to its unique, advantageous properties. It is inert, non-hygroscopic, and has high drug loading capabilities. Mannitol is also preferred for patients because it has a higher tolerance than alternatives such as lactose and fructose and mannitol has no impact on blood glucose levels, making it especially suitable for diabetic patients. SPI Pharma is the expert on mannitol and has recently increased their product offering with the addition of new Mannogem® grades to offer drug manufacturers even more options.

Mannogem® XL Technology improves compressibility and adds functionality

Mannogem® XL Technology combines SPI Pharma’s mannitol expertise with proprietary processing and advanced particle engineering. The result is compendial mannitol with a ground-breaking improvement in tableting. The superior functionality against standard grades of directly compressible (DC) mannitol (including increased tensile strength and improved friability) opens up new formulation possibilities – it works well with taste-masked APIs and enables advanced dosage forms like multiple unit particle systems (MUPS). XL Technology brings additional value to drug manufacturers by improving production with broader design space, higher yields, and faster production speeds. Mannitol produced with XL Technology also enhances the patient experience with better organoleptics to increase patient adherence.

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Monographs Available
  • U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)
  • National Formulary (NF)
  • European Pharmacopeia (EP)
  • Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP)
Formulation Benefits
  • Better binding and tablet ability
  • Higher API loading capability
  • Improved throughput of difficult to manufacture tablets
  • Higher manufacturing productivity with wider design space
Patient Benefits
  • Pleasant mouthfeel
  • Faster disintegration
  • Softer texture in chewable tablets
  • No impact on blood glucose levels


Industries & Applications
Oral Solid Dosage Forms (OSDF)
  • Conventional Swallow Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT), Hard Capsules, Lozenges, Effervescent Tablets, Sachets/Stick Packs (Orally Disintegrating Powders/ODP), Sublingual Tablets, Multiple Unit Pellet System (MUPS), Liquid Suspensions/Syrups

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Product Mannogem® Mannitol

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