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History and Progress

ESG is ingrained in our operating philosophy; it touches our core values and is aligned with our purpose to help keep people healthy, fed, clean, and safe. It’s been a part of our journey since 2008:


2008—we published our first report

2017—we set our first sustainability goals, and have consistently demonstrated a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, since then

2018—we became a signatory of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative through the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

2019—we adopted 'Advancing a Circular Economy' as a sustainability goal

2020—we found our purpose by supplying critical products, all during an unprecedented time

2021—we’ve made good progress on our latest goal set, and are proud to see these successfully conclude at year-end

2022 and beyond—we’ve outlined aggressive new ESG goals for 2025, including net zero direct emissions by 2050


Sustainability Reporting

2019 Sustainability Executive Summary

2020 Sustainability Executive Summary

2021 ESG Report Executive Summary

2022 ESG Report Executive Summary

2019 Sustainability Report

2020 Sustainability Report

2021 ESG Report

2022 ESG Report


These benchmark tools give visibility into our national performance and standing regarding corporate practices, benefits, sustainability efforts, and materiality.


Exernal Assurance

2020 ERM CVS Assurance Statement

2021 ERM CVS Assurance Statement

2022 ERM CVS Assurance Statement


Global Reporting Initiative

2020 GRI Content Index

2021 GRI Index

2022 GRI Index


Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

2020 SASB Content Index

2021 SASB Index

2022 SASB Index


Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosure

2021 TCFD Index

2022 TCFD Index


Corporate Equality Index

2020 Corporate Equality Index


External Ratings

2020 EcoVadis Performance Overview

2021 EcoVadis Performance Overview

2022 EcoVadis Performance Overview

2023 EcoVadis Performance Overview

Policy and Approach

The documents help to demonstrate our company committments and guidelines for how we operate, who we partner with and where we are headed on our sustainable journey.


Position Statements

Univar Solutions Global Code of Conduct

Postion on Human Rights

Global Supplier Code of Conduct

Related Party Transactions

Investor Code Handbook

Information Security Disclosure

Modern Slavery and Anti-Trafficking Statement

Conflict Minerals



ESG Policy

Environment Health and Safety Policy

Insider Trader Policy

Whistleblower Protection Policy

Political Contributions


Corporate Stategy

Goals to 2025 and Beyond

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