Serving our people. Making a mark, today.


At Univar Solutions, we are serious about safety. We take a holistic approach to day-to-day operations, and: 


  • Adhere to the highest industy standards and follow all laws and regulations
  • Continually seek to go beyond what is required by law, as we improve our processes and sharpen our understanding of hazards
  • Training our teams on the responsibilities that are most relevant to their roles

In addition to fostering our safe workplace conditions, we also encourage the well-being of all our employees—whether that's through regular health checks, COVID screenings, or helpful pointers on ergonomics.


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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

As an organization with a global footprint and customer base, we recognize that creating a work environment that is respectful, incusive, and empowers diverse perspectives is the right thing to do—not only for the health of our business, but also the happiness of our people.


In 2020, we put a DEI strategy together that focuses on the growth and development of our employees, the accountability and measurement of the company, and the support mechanisms in place for our global talent.


This authentic roadmap will help Univar Solutions show it's commitment to the workforce and lead the way in social sustainability. 


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Vendor Diversity

Univar Solutions understands that diversity is integral to business and that a diverse workforce and diverse procurement investment can help us venture into new markets and increase stakeholder value.


The goal is to develop a way of doing business that encourages vendors to participate in opportunities, as well as for the company to capture, measure, and report based on categories, spend, and volume.


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Community Engagement

Now, more than ever, we're finding it essential to lead with our enduring purpose to help keep our communities heathly, fed, clean, and safe.

Through our products, we continue to deliver the chemicals and ingredients needed to produce useable water, reduce food waste, make travel possible, and keep the lights on. 


Though we're proud of this impact, and honored to be serving our neighbors, we also recognize that our engagement with those around us can't stop here.

It's important that we stay connected to local charities, non-profit organizations, and community groups, while continually advancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.


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