Protecting our planet. Preparing for tomorrow.

Climate Action

In 2008 we began our sustainability journey. Since then we have been working to increase our fleet and site operations. Currently over 90% of our emissions come from just three sources: vehicle diesel, natural gas, and electricity use. Our strategy to reduce energy and emissions is organized into three primary categories:


  • Centering our attention on efficient technologies/equipment and renewable resources
  • Optimizing clean tools and creating efficiencies across operational practices
  • Increasing sustainability awareness and rewarding positive employee behavior

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Resource Use

Univar Solutions is actively embedding more sustainable practices into each step of our supply chain. With the help of our customers, investors, suppliers, and employees we're:


  • Growing sustainable packaging options such as returnable containers
  • Indentifying opportunities for beneficial resuse and recycling across waste streams
  • Encouraging our teams as they contribute to more local initiatives on responsible resourcing

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Release Prevention

We're committed to preventing accidental chemical releases during all handling stages—from receiving goods and onsite processing to global delivery. 


By actively sharing information with our customers and suppliers, we can encourage safer handling and bring awareness to product hazards, issue reporting, and containment practices. 


To futher prevent loss and protect our environment, we also broadly communicate mitigation protocol. Should there be an accidental release, we want to be sure that our employees and local communities can navigate next steps, are equipped to isolate the incident, and understand our green remediation tactics.


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Sustainable Sourcing

As a company, it's integral that we find partners who share our stance on ESG issues, agree on responsible ingredients and services, and operate in alignment with expectations—communicated through our Supplier Code of Conduct.


By building strong relationships with trusted suppliers, we're improving performance of our global supply chain. By leading with integrity, we can help ensure that people everywhere are using safer product alternatives, aren't engaging in harmful practices, and are preserving a healthier environment.


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Community Involvement

Now, more than ever, we're finding it essential to lead with our enduring purpose to help keep our communities heathly, fed, clean, and safe.

Through our products, we continue to deliver the chemicals and ingredients needed to produce useable water, reduce food waste, make travel possible, and keep the lights on. 


Though we're proud of this impact, and honored to be serving our neighbors, we also recognize that our engagement with those around us can't stop here.

It's important that we stay connected to local charities, non-profit organizations, and community groups, while continually advancing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy.