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Baking with Enzymes: Healthier processing, better textures

As a global leader in food ingredient distribution, Foodology by Univar Solutions delivers enzymatic solutions from Novonesis, a world leader in innovative and sustainable biotechnology.

Texture- Experience a perfectly balanced bite

Novamyl® BestBite- a revolutionary new molecule that strikes harmony between all three characteristics your consumers seek: Moistness, resilience and softness.

Achieve superior texture and other benefits for your bakery:

  • Sandwich bread with high softness and resilience, giving consumers the perfectly balanced bite they prefer
  • Bread that tastes great, freshly baked for much longer and good sliceability instantly after baking
  • Sourdough buns that are soft yet resilient 15 days post-baking
  • Hamburger buns with high resilience- keeping your burger intact!

A study conducted by an independent firm on behalf of Novonesis found that in a blind trial, consumers consistent rates products with Novamyl® BestBite higher across all parameters.

Appealing appearance – Biscuits & Snacks

Biscuits, crackers, wafers, and cookies require a low-protein, soft-wheat flour that makes it possible to shape and imprint the product accurately. If the gluten is too strong, the biscuit and cracker dough becomes difficult to handle and the biscuits show various defects such as brittle consistency and uneven shape.

Achieve high-quality, consistent biscuits and crackers with enzymes

  • Softer gluten structure and extensible dough properties for good dough machinability
  • Uniform product shape, surface, and color
  • Good dough-imprinting characters

Improved mouth feel and product texture

Enrich your bakery with enzymes

Most consumers want to eat healthy but baked goods are all about indulgence and comfort. With the Valena® range, it is no longer an either/or choice. You can help bakers offer consumers better-for-you baked goods that deliver on the sensory appeal while also being more nutritious.

Introducing Acrylaway ®: Mitigate acrylamide without sacrificing product quality and consistency

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the potential risks of acrylamide in food, which is partly a result of increasing legislative activity around acrylamide. The USFDA warns that acrylamide may have carcinogenic effects. In the US, acrylamide is on the State of California’s proposition 65 list

With a unique pH and temperature range, Acrylaway ® offers producers the greatest degree of flexibility and consistent result. This award-winning ingredient works effectively at the broadest range of applications, so you can implement the acrylamide reduction measures demanded by informed, health-conscious consumers, while maintaining the product quality they expect.

Nature’s formula to extend shelf life

What causes bread to go stale, and how can enzymes slow down this process and reduce unwanted food waste? Consumer surveys show that moistness in baked goods is highly valued, with consumers more likely to throw out bread if it doesn’t maintain its elasticity due to dryness. To meet consumer demands for fresher, healthier, quality foods and still maintain desirable bakery textures, Novonesis offers sustainable enzymatic solutions that are proven to extend the shelf-life of baked products. Fresh keeping reimagined- check out Smartbake®

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The importance of enzymes in our daily lives is increasing, in part due to our demands as consumers for clean label declarations and healthier products. Enzymes can significantly reduce costs by substituting or reducing the amount of high-cost ingredients and facilitating more efficient production methods.

Enzymatic baking solutions from Novonesis effectively improve the process without compromising flavor and familiarity in sensorial properties. From traditional staples like bread loaves to pasta, consumers seek simpler, more natural alternatives for bakery items that address their health and food safety concerns.

Derived from nature and using the power of biology, enzymes can help improve formulations for food and beverage production. Enzymatic solutions offer eco-friendly benefits that boost the overall quality, integrity, and preservation of industrial baking for improved end products with sustainability in mind.

Is your bakery business searching for new ways to add freshness, reduce waste, or prolong the shelf life of your baked goods?

Enzymatic baker solutions can:

  • Achieve more consistent baking results (despite changes in flour quality)
  • Improve dough stability and machinability
  • Increase production efficiency and sustainability

Reduce acrylamide levels in a wide range of baked foods

Acrylamide Reduction

The USFDA has warned that acrylamide may have carcinogenic effects and the substance is also on the State of California’s proposition 65 list. Stay compliant with acrylamide regulations using enzymatic solutions in your recipe- allowing your customers to enjoy the same delicious taste, texture, flavor, and smell without the risk.

Flour Modification

Flour-correction enzymes help to adjust a common deficiency in flour by standardizing the alpha-amylase activity. This helps ensure desirable volume, crust color, acceleration of proofing activity and crumb structure in your baked goods to provide consistent quality. 


Increase efficiency and time in wort separation and beer filtration. Maximize brewhouse yield, quality and capacity. Enzymes can help support these key brewing parameters.

Dough Conditioning

Specific attenuation levels are important to produce certain styles of beer. Enzymes help create highly attenuated beers and manage attenuation fluctuations due to deficiencies in raw materials.

Gluten strengthening

In bread-making, a strong gluten network is needed for gas retention during proofing to support the development of good bread volume and oven spring, and to withstand mechanical stress during dough handling. Enzymes can improve dough stability and good dough-handling characteristics leading to higher bread volume and improved appearance of the baked products. They can also help with optimising cost by decreasing the need for certain ingredients. 

Calculate and optimize with specialty brewing ingredients

Take a closer look at how to optimize raw materials and innovate with enzymes. Try our brewing calculator using your own data to find opportunities.

Brewing insights and education

Build a better brew with enzymes

Have questions about using enzymes in your products? Interested in exploring our sustainable and natural ingredient portfolio? We can help you with a range of specialty solutions. Contact our team to learn more and get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do I deal with poor quality currently observed in the industry?

Ultraflo Max is a highly effective product that is a blend of xylanase and beta-glucanase that aids in separation and filtration in the lautering process to allow you to handle poor quality malt currently observed in the industry. It also aids lautering of high-gravity and adjunct grain brewing.

Is there a product that can reduce my diacetyl in my beer?

Yes, Maturex PRO is a premium Alpha-Acetolactate Decarboxylase (ALDC) that is a low use-cost and low dose to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate diacetyl formation resulting in off flavors in your beer.

How can I reduce cloudy beer?

Neutrase 0.8 BrewQ or FAN Boost are brewing proteases that are specific to reducing the presence of proteins that cause haze in your beer.

Do you have a product to increase my RDF for my low carb light beer?

Yes, Attenuzyme PRO is a blend of glucoamylase and pullulanase enzymes that work to improve the increase of RDF and provide you the opportunity for higher attenuation in your brewing process.