Novonesis Dairy solutions

Enzyme solutions to enhance dairy and plant-based milk beverages

Enzyme solutions for dairy and plant-based milk beverages

Novozymes’ lactase enzymes convert lactose into two easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose –allowing organizations to develop products with lactose-free and fiber-enriched claims.

Enrich your bakery with enzymes

Most consumers want to eat healthy but baked goods are all about indulgence and comfort. With the Valena® range, it is no longer an either/or choice. You can help bakers offer consumers better-for-you baked goods that deliver on the sensory appeal while also being more nutritious.

Low fat high quality yoghurt formulation with Novozymes Galaya® Prime

Boost fibre while cutting down on sugar with Saphera® Fiber

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Dairy enzymatic solutions from Novozymes can enhance the sweetness and develop reduced sugar formulations, or they can help reduce sugar directly without reformulation. Both result in a healthier choice for consumers without compromising on sweetness.

Other benefits include:

  • Cheese flavor production
  • Strong cheese flavors can be produced in cheese in a few hours
  • Reduced processing time can lead to significant cost savings
  • Reduced lactose in milk and milk products
  • Sweeter milk product due to glucose formation
  • Reduced sandiness in ice cream
  • Improving the texture of fermented dairy products
  • Smooth texture of spoonable and drinkable high-protein fermented dairy products
  • Controlled conversion of lactose into GOS in dairy products

Industries that benefit:

  • Baby food
  • Yogurt
  • Milk & milk drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Milk for the pet industry
  • Cheese flavoring
  • Cheese producers

Develop low-sugar, high-fiber yogurts with clean label solutions

Healthy eating is increasingly driving consumer interest in low-sugar and fiber-rich foods. They want clean label yoghurts that are healthy, tasty and flavourful. That’s a challenge, as these yogurt profiles demand extra ingredients.

Download our whitepaper on how to increase fiber in your yogurt and decrease sugar content without reformulation.

Consumers want more. You can provide it to them.

Deliver more than an affordable, great-tasting dairy product; see how to make clean-label dairy products that contribute to your consumers' overall health by means of less added sugar, more protein, and higher fiber content.

This booklet is all you need - market insights, an overview of product claims and health benefits, and solutions that help grow your business - all in one place.

Acrylamide Reduction

The USFDA has warned that acrylamide may have carcinogenic effects and the substance is also on the State of California’s proposition 65 list. Stay compliant with acrylamide regulations using enzymatic solutions in your recipe- allowing your customers to enjoy the same delicious taste, texture, flavor, and smell without the risk.

Flour Modification

Flour-correction enzymes help to adjust a common deficiency in flour by standardizing the alpha-amylase activity. This helps ensure desirable volume, crust color, acceleration of proofing activity and crumb structure in your baked goods to provide consistent quality. 


Increase efficiency and time in wort separation and beer filtration. Maximize brewhouse yield, quality and capacity. Enzymes can help support these key brewing parameters.

Dough Conditioning

Specific attenuation levels are important to produce certain styles of beer. Enzymes help create highly attenuated beers and manage attenuation fluctuations due to deficiencies in raw materials.

Gluten strengthening

In bread-making, a strong gluten network is needed for gas retention during proofing to support the development of good bread volume and oven spring, and to withstand mechanical stress during dough handling. Enzymes can improve dough stability and good dough-handling characteristics leading to higher bread volume and improved appearance of the baked products. They can also help with optimising cost by decreasing the need for certain ingredients. 

Calculate and optimize with specialty brewing ingredients

Take a closer look at how to optimize raw materials and innovate with enzymes. Try our brewing calculator using your own data to find opportunities.

Brewing insights and education

Build a better brew with enzymes

Have questions about using enzymes in your products? Interested in exploring our sustainable and natural ingredient portfolio? We can help you with a range of specialty solutions. Contact our team to learn more and get started.

Frequently asked questions

How do I deal with poor quality currently observed in the industry?

Ultraflo Max is a highly effective product that is a blend of xylanase and beta-glucanase that aids in separation and filtration in the lautering process to allow you to handle poor quality malt currently observed in the industry. It also aids lautering of high-gravity and adjunct grain brewing.

Is there a product that can reduce my diacetyl in my beer?

Yes, Maturex PRO is a premium Alpha-Acetolactate Decarboxylase (ALDC) that is a low use-cost and low dose to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate diacetyl formation resulting in off flavors in your beer.

How can I reduce cloudy beer?

Neutrase 0.8 BrewQ or FAN Boost are brewing proteases that are specific to reducing the presence of proteins that cause haze in your beer.

Do you have a product to increase my RDF for my low carb light beer?

Yes, Attenuzyme PRO is a blend of glucoamylase and pullulanase enzymes that work to improve the increase of RDF and provide you the opportunity for higher attenuation in your brewing process.