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Welcome to your one-stop shop for the key specialty and commodity ingredients you need to produce efficient and effective hand sanitizers to meet market demands. Whether you’re just getting started in the hygiene space, or you represent a mainstay brand, we have the technologies you need, with local supply to keep your product on the shelves through even the most challenging climate. Below is a list of key ingredients to consider, but if you don’t see something you’re looking for, please visit our product finder or contact us.

Not all raw materials listed below are manufactured in accordance with cGMP.Please ensure you review and align to all FDA regulations, required registrations and certifications for hand sanitizers.


Key Products:

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  • Ethanol SDA 40-B 200 PF – for alcohol-based formulations
  • Pure ethanol – for alcohol-based formulations
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – an alternative to ethanol for alcohol-based formulations
  • StepanQuat 50 NF –  Benzalkonium Chloride for non-alcohol based formulations
  • StepanQuat 65 NF – Benzalkonium Chloride for non-alcohol based formulations
  • Corbion HiPure – a highly concentrated purified grade of natural L-lactic acid that helps to adjust the pH of formulations
  • Dow Ucon™ Fluid AP – a readily biodegradable low-viscosity fluid that provides softness, solvency, and slip
  • DSM Vitamin E – synthetic and natural source vitamin E tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate for enhanced skin moisture and protection
  • Glycerin - a commonly used multifunctional humectant, lubricant, solvent and viscosity modifier
  • INOLEX Lexol® IPM-NF – an NF Mass Balanced grade high purity Isopropyl Myristate emollient
  • INOLEX Lexgard® O – a multi-functional emollient, moisturizer, and wetting agent
  • ANGUS AMP- Ultra PC 2000 – a readily biodegradable amino alcohol (5% water) neutralizer specially designed to offer high stability for viscosity and clarity in the presence of ethanol
  • Jaguar HP-105 – a thickener & film former for gel-textured formulations and stabilized emulsions.
  • Jaguar HP-120 – a highly compatible, easy to use naturally-derived thickener that does not require neutralization
  • RHEOBYK-HV 80 – VOC-free associative thickener (HASE) for aqueous systems to generate a highly pseudoplastic flow behavior
  • Satiaxane™ VPC 930 – a 100% naturally derived alternative thickener for high ethanol formulations

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