Clariant provides state-of-the-art products for water-based and synthetic applications. These include low foaming emulsifiers, components and lubricant additives for a number of lubricant and metalworking treatments.

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May 15 – 19, 2022

Orlando, FL

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If you are going to STLE stop by and see us at booth 813.  View a map of the conference floor and our location. It would be great to see you. And don’t miss the presentation discussing synthetic metalworking fluids on Thursday. See details below and save the date.


Hot Topics at STLE:

Monday, 8:30 - 9 am
Conf# 3637599: Innovative Next-Generation Anti-Wear for New Industry Challenges
Christelle Chretien, Solvay, Bristol, PA

Monday, 9:30 – 10:00 AM
Conf# 3646574: Scale Up of a Preformed Polyurea Thickener for Grease
Lauren Huffman, John Cuthbert, Kevin Capaldo, Bruce Hook, Dow Chemical Midland, MI

Monday, 2:30 – 3:00 PM
Conf #3651204: Post Machining Cleaning – How to Pick the Right Surfactant For The Job 
Ashley Milton, Stephanie Cole, Clariant, Mount Holly,

Thursday 1:30 - 2 pm
Conf# 3651522: Structure-Performance Evaluation of Synthetic Metalworking Fluid Additives
Stephanie Cole, Tiffany Meyers, Clariant, Mount Holly, NC *


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1 | Lubricants
ProductApplicationChemical groupSpecial benefit
Milky typeSemi-syntheticSyntheticNeat cuttingAcid value in mg KOH/gViscosity at °C in mmViscosity at 100°C in mm 2/sViscosity indexFour-ball wear test: DIN 1350/3
Hostagliss® AxxxComplex ester, acidic42-52900-110080-120180easy to emulsify and C.I. properties
Hostagliss® L2xxComplex ester, acidic90-10023023123easy to emulsify and C.I. properties
Hostagliss® L4xxxComplex ester, acidic50.5-55.5400451700.30 mmeasy to emulsify and C.I. properties
Hostagliss® L6xxComplex ester, acidic32-36830851880.25 mmeasy to emulsify and C.I. properties
Hostagliss® PA 135xxxPolymer ester, fully saturatedmax. 2270-33031-37120liquid at low temperature
Hostagliss® PTOxxxPentaerythol Tetraoleatemax. 161-75131860.33 mm
Hostagliss® TPOxxxTMP-Trioleatemax. 245-50101840.54 mm
Hostagliss® EFPxxxTMP-Tricocoatemax. 235-4581650.47 mm
Hostagliss® NDCxxxNPG-Dicocoatemax. 216-4051630.43 mm
Genapol® BxEO/PO Blockpolymer-----defoaming properties
Genapol® PN 30xEO/PO Blockpolymer-----defoaming properties
Genapol® PSxEO/PO Randompolymer-----defoaming properties
2 |Emulsifiers
ProductApplicationChemical groupSpecial benefit
Nonionic emulsifierAnionic emulsifierpH % in waterCloud point in butyl digylcol solutionHLBAcid value mg KOH/gLime soap dispersing power
Emulsogen® AxFatty acid ethoxylates747°C--lowoil-soluble
Emulsogen® ELO 200xFatty acid ethoxylates732°C--highrecommended for veg. oils
Emulsogen® MTP 070xFatty acid ethoxylates5.0-7.067°C11-excellentlow foaming, oil-soluble
Emulsogen® LPxFatty acid ethoxylates770°C10-highoil-soluble
Emulsogen® MxFatty acid ethoxylates766°C9-highoil-soluble
Emulsogen® MS12xFatty acid ethoxylates775°C11-high
Emulsogen® OGxFatty acid ester7---lowparaffinic oils
Genapol® O 020xFatty alcohol ethoxylates736°C5-low
Emulsogen® 4617xEther carboxylates3--83-90excellentlow-foaming
Emulsogen® CIO 050xEther carboxylates2.0-3.5-1295-115lowlow-foaming
Emulsogen® COA 070xEther carboxylates2.0-4.0-1270-85excellentmedium foam
Emulsogen® CNO 080xEther carboxylates1.5-3.0-1695-105low
Emulsogen® COL 020xEther carboxylates2.0-4.0-665-95lowmedium foam and C.I. properties
Emulsogen® COL 050xEther carboxylates2.0-4.0-1075-85mediumC.I. properties
Emulsogen® COL 080xEther carboxylates1.5-3.0-1268-78excellent
Emulsogen® COL 100xEther carboxylates2.5-3.5-1364-78excellent
Emulsogen® TxEther carboxylates653°C---recommended for veg. oils and C.I. properties
3 | Corrosion inhibitors
ProductApplicationChemical groupSpecial benefit
Milky typeSemi-syntheticSyntheticNeat cuttingpH % in waterDEA contentBoron content
Hostacor® ISxxxIsononanoyl amido caproic acid-freefreelow-foaming
Hostacor® 2732xxxIsononanoyl amido caproic acid-freefreelow-foaming
Hostacor® ITxIsononanoyl amido caproic acid salt8freefreelow-foaming
Hicor® CxxxFatty acid alkanomides5-75-7%free
Hostacor® DTxxxFatty acid alkanomides1030%free
Hostacor® MTxxFatty acid alkanomides9.5freefree
Hostaphat® OPS 100xxxOctylphosphonic acid-freefreeAl/Zn protection
4 | Extreme Pressure Anti-Wear Additives

Special benefit
Milky typeSemi-syntheticSyntheticNeat cuttingPhosphorous content in %Acid value mg KOH/gWear test:
load 500 N, hour/X% in mineral oil
Seizure and welding load in N/X% in mineral oil
Hordaphos® 145xxx5.01600.31 mm (10%)3800/4000 (10%)
Hordaphos® MDAHx11.53080.35 mm (5%)1700/1800 (5%)suitable for prelubes
Hordaphos® MDBx17.2470--
Hordaphos® MDGBx19.5548--
Hordaphos® MDHXx13.13750.41 mm (5%)1600/1700 (5%)suitable for prelubes
Hordaphos® MDITx8.52300.41 mm (5%)1600/1700 (5%)suitable for prelubes
5 | Biocide/Neutralizing Agent
ProductChemical group
FunctionFree of  secondary aminesFormaldehyde  releaserpH (1% in water)
Nipacide® BIT20Benzisothiazolinebiocideyesno8-9
Nipacide® BKTHTbiocideyesyes10-11
Nipacide® MBMN,N-Methylene bis morpholinebiocidenoyes10
Genamin® CH 020Aminesneutralizing agentyesno10.5-11.5

Formulation Examples

True Fully Synthetic Formula
with a transparent to translucent appearance
Lubricity additiveGenapol PN 30
Corrosion inhibitorHostacor IT

Hostacor 2125
Neutralizing agent / pH adjustmentMonoethanolamines (MEA)
Coupling agentCoupler recommendations available
Other additivesAnti foam recommendations available
Busan 77
Busan 1264
Ester-based oil-free fluids
with a transparent, translucent or milky appearance
Hostagliss L4
Hostagliss A
Lubricity additive
Hostacor IT
Hostacor 2125
Hostacor ITD
Corrosion inhibitor
Monoethanolamines (MEA)Neutralizing agent / pH adjustment
Dowanol PM
Potential emulsifiers
Coupling agent
Anti foam recommendations available
Busan 77
Busan 1264
Other additives

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