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Ingevity Polyols

High-performing polyols for waterborne and solvent-borne polyurethane applications

Ingevity has the expertise necessary to help customers create premium coating formulations for the most demanding indoor and outdoor commercial applications. From wind turbines, to metal and plastic automotive parts – coatings formulated with Capa are longer-lasting and built to perform.

2K waterborne and solvent-borne polyurethane coatings are topcoats designed to withstand high levels of wear and tear from outdoor exposure. Adding Capa polyols into 2K formulations can reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which increases the high-solid content of the coating. The low viscosity and good compatibility of Capa polyols can also improve flow and leveling of the coating and improve film formation.

Benefits include:

Processing advantages

  • Low viscosity mean easier application and reduced VOCs
  • Behaves like a reactive coalescing agent, improving the film formation of waterborne coatings

Performance advantages

  • Impressive weather, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance
  • Ultimate combination of flexibility and toughness
  • Excellent finish and appearance with high gloss and low haze

Business advantages

  • Extends the life of coated surfaces
  • Lowers servicing and maintenance costs
  • Improves product sustainability

Trade Name

Chemical Name


Features & Benefits

Capa 2043

Capa 2054J

Capa 2085

Linear polyester diol

  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Surface coatings
  • Flexible foam applications
  • Can be used as a resin intermediate.
  • Capa 2043 is a clear, colourless liquid, easy to process at ordinary temperatures.
  • Capa 2054J is a clear liquid or white paste
  • Capa 2085 has low molecular weight and comes as a soft white paste


Capa 3050J

Polyester triol

  • Production of polyurethane surface coatings
  • Particularly for clear, light-stable applications and for coatings require flexible and tough surface characteristics


  • For high solid coatings where both flexibility and high cross-linking density are required.

Capa 3091

Polyester triol

  • Used as a dispersion medium for 'liquid colours' in surface coatings and in rigid polyurethane castings, particularly for clear, light-stable materials


  • For high solid coatings where both flexibility and high cross-linking density are required.

Capa 4101

Tetra-functional polyol

  • For high solid coatings where both flexibility and high cross-linking density are required.


  • Low molecular weight and clear liquid 20C


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