Lexol® EHP MB

Lexol® EHP MB is an essentially odorless and colorless emollient. When incorporated in skincare formulations, Lexol® EHP contributes the perceivable benefits of very dry application and smooth after-feel along with very good spreading properties. Lexol® EHP MB is exceptionally effective at reducing the perceived oiliness and greasiness resulting from the presence of heavy and occlusive oils and lipids. Lexol® EHP MB is used in sunscreen preparations because it is known not to shift the wavelength of maximum ultraviolet absorbance (max.) of the active ingredients. Lexol® EHP MB may be utilized as a coupling agent to aid in the solubilization of fragrance compounds. Lexol® EHP MB (Ethylhexylpalmitate) contains 69% biobased content as certified by the USDA BioPreferred® Program and is listed in the China FDA IECIC inventory.

Lexol® IPM-NF

INOLEX’s Lexol® IPM-NF is a high purity Isopropyl Myristate emollient for cosmetic use. It conforms to NF specifications and is also available in a Mass Balanced grade. The Lexol IMP-NF is colorless and odorless, allowing for processing in a wide range of clear applications. It offers low viscosity, outstanding spreading properties, and can offer solvency in high emollient formulations. Lexol® IPM-NF is soluble in acetone, castor oil, ethanol, heptane, and isopropanol.


Lexol® IPM-NF MB

  • Skin conditioning agent
  • Low viscosity
  • Low freezing point
  • Excellent spreading properties
  • Solvent properties
  • USDA certified biobased

Lexol® EHP MB Benefits

  • Low irritation
  • Good lubricity
  • Dry feel


Lexol® IPM-NF MB

  • Clear
  • Odorless
  • Liquid
  • Mass Balance grade

Lexol® EHP MB

  • INCI Name: Ethylhexyl Palmitate


Lexol® IPM-NF MB

  • Hand sanitizers
  • Bath oils
  • Skin oil blends
  • Pre-shaving lotions

Lexol® EHP MB

  • Sunscreen
  • Color cosmetics
  • Lotions
  • Balms

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Product Lexol®

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