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Rhodoline® FT Series

A freeze thaw-stabilizer for low- and zero-VOC water-based paints

Rhodoline® FT 100 is a unique APE-free and solvent-free additive that to improves freeze-thaw stability primarily in low Tg latex binders, as well as waterborne paints formulated with these binders.

Rhodoline® FT 100 improves gloss, pigment dispersions and stain resistance in these formulations and is easy to use with a wide range of polymers: all acrylic, vinyl/acrylic, styrene/acrylic and ethylene vinyl acetate.

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    Product Name Supplier Grade Package Type Weight Billing Price Price (Package)
    Rhodoline® FT 100 SOLVAY Technical Drum 460.00 lbs --
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    Rhodoline® FT 100
    Rhodoline® FT 100 SOLVAY Technical IBC 2,200.22 lbs --
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    Rhodoline® FT 100

    Applications & Benefits

    • Arhictectural Coatings
    • Delivers freeze-thaw stability
    • Enhances gloss
    • Boosts stain resistance
    • APE-free
    • VOC-free
    • Solvent Free
    • TSCA & DSL listed


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    Product Rhodoline® Specialty Coatings Additives

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