Firebrake® ZB Zinc Borate (All Grades) in Bulk, IBCs or Small Bags

Zinc borate for fire retardancy

Firebrake® ZB is a unique zinc borate that combines the best of zinc and boron oxides with water release. Use it to develop fire-retardant formulations processable up to 290°C. Firebrake® ZB can be fed to extruders, calenders, or injection molding equipment, much like other solid polymer additives.

Sizes avaiable

  • Bulk
  • IBCs
  • Small bags


  • Firebrake® ZB releases its water of hydration at temperatures exceeding 554°F (290°C), so it can be used in systems that require high processing temperatures
  • Refractive index similar to that of most polymer systems, so it retains considerable translucency and enables the use of low pigment loading
  • Used as a flame retardant, char promoter, afterglow and smoke suppressant, and anti-arc agent in polymer systems
  • Depending on the base polymer used and the fire protection standards that need to be met, Firebrake® ZB can partially or completely replace other fire-retardant additives such as antimony oxide


Firebrake® ZB is a white, odorless, powder. A completely reacted zinc borate that is distributed homogenously throughout the WPC. When stored under normal conditions of temperature and humidity, Firebrake® ZB is chemically stable and shows no tendency to cake.


  • Granular Firebrake® ZB Zinc Borate
  • Fine Firebrake® ZB Zinc Borate
  • Extra fine Firebrake® ZB Zinc Borate


  • Fire retardancy

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Product Firebrake® ZB

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