Cultivating an accountable culture, together.

Organizational Structure

In 2020 we strengthened key committees to ensure we are tracking ESG progress, delivering on our strategic goals, and making meaningful contributions. These governance groups include: 


  • Board of Director's Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee
  • Univar Solutions Executive Committee
  • Global Sustainability Council
  • Regional Sustainability Working Groups

Together our committees are driving the change necessary to be a sustainable leader in chemical and ingredient distribution.


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Our Corporate Story

The vision, mission, purpose, and values we hold as a business underpin our ESG strategy.


Vision: We aim to redefine distribution and become the most valued chemical and ingredient distributor on the planet. 


Mission: To achieve this, we must streamline our processes and practices, innovate, and develop solutions and strategies that allow us to sustainably grow. 


Purpose: We help keep our communities healthy, fed, clean, and safe. 


Values: We put this to work every day through: being serious about safety, doing what we say, and winning...together. 


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Sustainable Sourcing

As a company, it's integral that we find partners who share our stance on ESG issues, agree on responsible ingredients and services, and operate in alignment with expectations—communicated through our Supplier Code of Conduct.

By building strong relationships with trusted suppliers, we're improving performance of our global supply chain. By leading with integrity, we can help ensure that people everywhere are using safer product alternatives, aren't engaging in harmful practices, and are preserving a healthier environment.


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Stakeholder Engagement

Our 2025 Sustainable Development Goals have been informed by our ongoing connections and engagement with our stakeholders. These customers, suppliers, employees, investors and association leaders help us identify the issues that matter to the organization, the global challenges ahead of us and the areas to explore in our ESG journey.

Over the past year, our stakeholders have provided insights on business priorities, research opportunities, workforce training and communication, and reporting functionality. Their input has been instrumental in helping us identify the best way to protect the planet, serve our people and cultivate a responsible culture.


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