A globe of Earth with a stream of clean water coming up from the bottom and splashing over the Earth. A globe of Earth with a stream of clean water coming up from the bottom and splashing over the Earth.

Cleaning products used to disinfect homes, restaurants, medical facilities, and other environments are essential to our everyday lives, keeping us healthy and safe from harmful bacteria and unsanitary conditions. It's understandable that cleaning brands and manufacturers are struggling to know where to begin their journey into sustainability or how to position products to meet growing consumer expectations and regulatory demands.

As conscientious consumers seek to know "what makes a 'good' cleaner," Univar Solutions Homecare & Industrial Cleaning division is committed to helping the cleaning industry bring innovative products to market with sustainability top of mind. Partnering with key specialty ingredient suppliers to provide the latest product innovation and guidance, we are building sustainable solutions with enzymes, microbes, and bio-derived materials to support the future of clean.

Today's top-shelf cleaning products now include more bio-based and biological solutions for consumers and industries to apply in

while still delivering powerful disinfection and deep-cleaning performance.

Whether by advancing eco-friendlier cleaning technologies, promoting responsible care in packaging and water usage, or meeting environmental regulations, our cleaning ingredients and technical specialists are dedicated to helping you find and formulate sustainable product solutions.

Sustainable cleaning supplies in a wire basket sitting on a kitchen counter topSustainable cleaning supplies in a wire basket sitting on a kitchen counter top
A father and daughter standing at the kitchen sink in a clean bright kitchen washing dishes togetherA father and daughter standing at the kitchen sink in a clean bright kitchen washing dishes together

Cleaning products that safeguard the sanctuary of home

Univar Solutions brings the homecare cleaning industry the latest innovations powered by a better, healthier clean. Our feel-good, wellness-inspired homecare cleaning formulations provide multi-action approaches that allow brands to incorporate a sustainable product position while also maintaining regulatory compliance. Both of these benefits give consumers greater confidence that the cleaners they use every day not only keep their families healthy, clean, and safe but also help protect the environment. Explore our Good, Powered by Clean.

Laundry care products that deliver industrial-grade sanitation

From super concentrated and enzymatic detergents to premium fabric softeners, our formulations provide efficient and effective solutions for industrial laundry applications. To support more sustainable cleaning processes, our focused technical laboratories developed custom essential washing formulas for each phase of a large-scale laundry, requiring less material and fewer resources to produce the same powerful effects. That includes cold water wash and concentrates, reducing the amount of shipped water in a final formula, and lowering energy usage. Learn how our Life, Cycle industrial laundry innovations can help tackle the toughest laundering challenges, resulting in bright whites, improved sustainability efficiencies, and lower costs for large-scale laundry facilities.

Four clean white towels folded and stacked on top of one anotherFour clean white towels folded and stacked on top of one another
Soapy water swirling down a sink drainSoapy water swirling down a sink drain

Conscientiously Clean: Reducing 1,4-dioxane in household cleaning products

Our scientific experts have developed several clean and compliant product formula alternatives to help you meet 1,4-dioxane requirements and address new market changes. Cleaning brands have so much to consider as they tackle the challenge of ingredient evaluation and reformulation to comply with regulatory standards. Our formulators and ingredient specialists are here to help brands review ethoxylated surfactant levels in their existing formulations as well as sourcing 1,4-dioxane surfactant alternatives.

Get started today by requesting our Conscientiously Clean formulation kit, a set of lab-tested, quality-approved starter formulations with key ingredients to help you comply with the 1,4-dioxane legislation. Applicable for a variety of cleaning products, the Conscientiously Clean kit includes an all-purpose cleaner, shower/tub/tile cleaner, mid-tier manual dish soap, and a 3x liquid laundry formulation.

How Univar Solutions can support your ESG goals for a 'greener' clean

At Univar Solutions, we understand how sustainable cleaning manufacturing solutions directly connect to the health of our planet – from how we formulate in our labs to how we package and transport cleaning ingredients across the world.

As a global chemical and ingredient distribution leader, we take our Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) responsibilities seriously. Univar Solutions supports sustainable home care and industrial cleaning manufacturing and product innovations with:

  • A sustainable supply chain that leverages our global distribution footprint, sustainable practices, and technologies to help us meet our sustainability goals and those of our customers.
  • Waste management and recycling programs that reduce costs, minimize environmental impacts, and optimize resource use for your operations.
  • Formulation and laboratory solutions through a global network of Solution Centers that free your resources and support your sustainable ingredient research and analysis for eco-friendly product development.
  • Sustainable ingredient alternatives to apply; from biologically derived to sustainably sourced ingredients, we work with leading suppliers to bring you the materials you need.

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Innovating at the intersection of science, technology and consumer trends, Univar Solutions partners with customers and suppliers to create high-performing products and sustainable formulations.

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