LexFeel® Vibrant MB

LexFeel® Vibrant MB is a sensory modifying polyol polyester with 82% biobased content that enhances sensorial properties and textures of emulsions and anhydrous systems.

LexFeel™ Vibrant MB is a unique, polymeric wax which stays clear when mixed with other clear oil phase ingredients, therefore enhancing color quality in anhydrous applications such as lipsticks. 


LexFeel™ Vibrant MB can be used in lipsticks, glosses, and butters as a structuring and pigment wetting agent as well as to provide unique textures, softness and improve spreadability. 

LexFeel™ Vibrant MB is an alternative to the typical oils, butters and waxes (e.g., vegetable oils, beeswax, crystalline wax etc.) used to modify the esthetic attributes of finished product and is compatible with ingredients that are commonly used in cosmetic applications such as esters, triglycerides, silicones and more. 

INCIPalm Acid/Adipic Acid/Pentaerythritol Crosspolymer
AppearanceWhite solid wax 
OdorMild, characteristic odor 


  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Sun Care
  • Color Cosmetics


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Product LexFeel® Vibrant MB

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